Chief Emmanuel Mbulu's Parents: Mr. Edmund Egobudike Mbulu & Mrs. Theresa Mbulu (both late)
The late Mr. Edmund Egobudike Mbulu
The late Mr. Edmund Egobudike Mbulu

The Chief Emmanuel Mbulu Family Foundation was formally established in 2004, but its main goals and initiatives have been implemented gradually since 1997 - helping improve the lives of people in Igbodo and beyond. Since its inception many community improvement programs have been instituted. These include a water well for residents of Igbodo to have access to clean drinking water; a generator house with a power switch-station; the construction of a town hall for the community to carry out administrative duties; and the building of Chief Emmanuel Mbulu Primary School along a safe route for children to travel.

Prior to the Emmanuel Mbulu Primary School being built, students were forced to cross the Lagos Asaba Expressway (a major highway). As a result, many students were struck and killed, which motivated the family to build a school on the other side of the road. Now, children are able to attend school without risking their lives and are receiving free education. Thanks be to God!

Over the years the Foundation's objectives have expanded to providing scholarships, bursaries, and grants to students of African origin (such as the Chief Emmanuel Mbulu Award at York University, Toronto, Canada), providing relief for victims of natural disasters, and funding community and social empowerment programs for poverty stricken areas.

With the gap between the haves and have-nots widening at the same pace as the advancement of technology in todays world, it is absolutely imperative now more than ever for civic virtue to be upheld and human rights recognized on a global level. This is where The Chief Emmanuel Mbulu Foundation fits in and is what drives the Mbulu family to try and narrow this gap and help make the world a better place one step at a time.