Our Mission

We have a simple mission: to enhance the quality of life and sustainability of the African community around the world through fund development, grant making, and leadership.

Company Profile

Chief Emmanuel Mbulu Family Foundation

Founded: 2004

Owner: Chief Emmanuel Mbulu

Areas of Expertise: Philanthropy, scholarships, and building water wells.

By the Grace of God, all of the Projects are completely Funded by Chief Emmanuel Mbulu

Our Approach

Our Story

Our Objectives


Improve education by providing scholarships, bursaries, grants, and other forms of financial assistance to students (especially those of African descent), in Canada's higher institutions.

Community Development

Advance international development through the provision of the necessities of life to victims of disasters in African communities (focusing in Nigeria).

Infrastructure Development

Provide financial assistance to African communities to lay the foundations of community economic and social empowerment, such as the construction of roads, the building of schools, and other infrastructure.

Provide Clean Water

Improve the quality of drinking water in African countries, by assisting communities through the provision of financial and other resources to construct water wells.