Ubulu-Uku Dormitory built by Chief Mbulu

Chief Mbulu with Vice Principle & Teachers (2013) at the Brand New Dormitory He Built and Donated to Anglican Grammar School Ubulu-Uku in 2000

Chief Mbulu built and donated the residence of the Bishop & Vicarage of the Anglican Church in Igbodo.

Emmanuel Mbulu Primary in Igbodo, Delta State

Built by Chief and Chief Mrs. Mbulu. They continue to support the school financially.

The Chief Emmanuel Mbulu Community Town Hall, Igbodo, Delta State

Built and donated to the community by Chief and Chief Mrs. Mbulu.

Dormitory at Mary and Martha Secondary School

Built and donated by Chief Emmanuel Mbulu

A Classroom built by Chief Mbulu at Mary and Martha Secondary School, Igbodo, Delta State.

The Anglican Church in Igbodo Kingdom that was renovated by Chief Mbulu


To enhance the quality of life and sustainability of the African community around the world through fund development, grant making, and leadership – all as a reflection of, and in glory towards, the power of the Most High Jesus Christ.

Since 1993

Who We Are

The Chief Emmanuel Mbulu Family Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Founded in 2004 by Chief Emmanuel Mbulu and his wife, Chief Annia Mbulu, its objectives are to promote higher education for students of African descent, and to assist in community and infrastructure development for members of the African diaspora worldwide. By the Grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Foundation has been funded by Chief Emmanuel and Chief Annia Mbulu



The Chief Emmanuel Mbulu Foundation was formally established in 2004. However its main goals and initiatives have been implemented gradually since 1997 - helping improve the lives of people in Igbodo and beyond.

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The Foundation aims to advance education by building schools, and providing scholarships, bursaries, and grants. Each project has been funded by Chief Emmanuel Mbulu.

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